General Information  
Location Gleneden Beach, Oregon
Date Opened 1963/65
Date Played 06/19/99
Review Date 02/02/2000
My Only Score 46/35-81
Phone Number 1-888-SALISHAN
Web Site
Salishan is the best public course available on the North/Central Oregon Coast. Bisected by highway 101, the course has two very contrasting nines. The front nine is tight, and heavily tree lined with various condos lining some of the holes. The greens also contain tricky slopes and can be a bear. The back 9 by contrast is a bit more open, and closer to the ocean with fewer trees. There are some great ocean views, but unfortunately, no hole really goes along the ocean. The closest you will get is number 11, on the right is part of the bay inlet. In the spirit of the contrasting nines, I shot 46 on the front, and 35 (1 under) on the back nine, with 3 birdies and 2 bogeys. Quite a contrast, but that's the story of my game. 
The greens were very good and played true. The front nine greens were much more difficult than the back nine, often containing very tricky slopes where hitting chips or long putts one was just happy to get it somewhere close and get down in two. 
There's some water, and lots of woods/OB (especially on the front nine). The back nine has 4 water holes, and lots of dune type rough areas just off the fairways. While it is possible sometimes to find the ball, you may wish you hadn't. There are also some 50 something bunkers to keep you accurate on the approach shots. Every green is guarded by at least one bunker.  Fairway bunkers also pop up, but are not on every hole. 
The fairways were in good condition, yet damp. Even though it was a bright sunny day, the fairways were still wet (not soggy but soft). Roll was at a minimum so don't expect to get lots of long low screaming shots that roll forever. Most people might get as much or more distance teeing off with a 3 wood and playing for the carry. 
Lost Ball Factor
On the front nine, bring plenty. Usually if you leave the fairway it will be difficult to find or OB. You should lose less on the back, but bring some anyway. I recall having a couple of lost/hazard balls on the front nine myself. 
Terrain/Elevations/Walking vs Riding
Some elevated tees, greens. Not a flat course, but not the most difficult to walk, and walking is allowed at all times as of this writing. The longest walk is probably from the 9th green to the 10th tee as you have to cross under highway 101 to the back nine. 
My favorite aspects
The spectacular views and ocean atmosphere. I played on a sunny 60 something degree day which isn't too likely on the ocean. More often than not you will at least have some fog or low clouds. If you get a real sunny day, take advantage of it! As another bonus the wind was probably only about a 1 club wind. It can definitely be more of a factor. 
The dampness wasn't a positive, but being near the ocean, is expected. Having the course bisected by highway 101 was a minor annoyance for a course of this type, but nothing to keep me from coming back. I guess the price could be called a negative. I believe it was $65 with no cart when I played. Not the cheapest around, but the best unless you head south towards Florence/Bandon which is a ways down. 
Final Thoughts
The most pricey course in the area, but a must play at least once. hen I played they had a special deal where you could play for $20 on Tuesday. Unfortunately, or maybe not, I was there on Monday. I will say on Monday the course was not crowded and I got right out. 

I will play this course again when I'm in the area. There aren't a lot of other quality options around. If you want the full elevated views, play from the blue tees. The yardage difference is only about 250 yards, but you get some views you'd otherwise miss from the whites. Number 9 and 17 come to mind immediately, and 6 is a completely different hole from back there. 

Salishan Score Card Salishan Score Card Scores Salishan Players Guide Salishan Scorecard
Tee Yards Par Rating Slope
Blue 6453 72 72.3 132
White 6203 72 70.4 130
Red 5389 72 72.3 128

Hole Shots

Salishan 1st hole The 1st hole is a 395 yard par 4. There appears to be more room to the right, but a long drive may go through the fairway not to mention a wild slice may find the highway. Tee over water which goes all down the left side. Green guarded by two side bunkers and a bunker to the rear. Par is a good solid score here. I know I was happy with it.
Salishan 4th greene A view of the difficult 4th green from the 8th tee. The flag was in the back and on a tricky slope. You hit from an elevated tee to an elevated green. Missing this green anywhere will make for a tough par. One of the trickier greens on the course. 
Salishan 8th hole The 8th hole, a 547 yard dog leg right par 5. If you crush one, you may go through the fairway and end up on somebody's condo porch (I know as after popping up my drive, I hit one straight through the fairway onto somebody's porch). If you don't reach the corner a lay-up is almost forced. 
Salishan 8th hole approach The 8th hole approach from about 155 yards on the left side. I was here and hit my 8 iron just 3 inches short of the hole. Too bad it was my 5th short (remember the condo porch!). There is a road on the right side and those two bunkers left front are places to avoid at all costs as they are deep. 
Salishan 9th hole TOne of the more spectacular elevated tees on the front nine. This is why you play the blues for the views. Long, 440 yard par 4, but from the elevated tee. Left is jail (well really more like a jungle ,known as "Africa" by the locals), right is no bargain either. Actually I went left in this so called jungle and actually found my ball and pitched it out into the fairway. Lucky no doubt. 
Salishan 9th approach The approach on the 9th is very scenic downhill look to a large tricky green with a lake behind. Be happy with par here, it does get a little easier on the back nine as my score will attest. 
Salishan 10th hole The 10th hole is a reachable 446 yard par 5. The main trouble is the lake down the right side. Long leaky right shots could end up here and the way the tee is set up, one automatically tends to favor the right side. 
Salishan 10th approach Depending on where your drive is, you may have to negotiate the lake. Either way, anything right will either end up wet, or in the hazard in very tall and more than likely damp tall grass. The green, somewhat of a small target is guarded by a couple of bunkers. Good birdie chances here if you avoid the trouble. 
Salishan 11th hole The 11th is a pretty 204 yard par 3 usually into whatever wind is there. It was about a 1 club wind. I managed to hit a 2 iron just to the right front fringe, and sink about a 40 footer for my first birdie of 3 on the back nine. I would have gladly taken a par. The bay can be seen through the marsh off to the right. On this particular day it was a mud bay as the tide was out. Unfortunately this is as close to an ocean side hole as you will find. 
Salishan 12th hole The 12th is a tough 433 yard par 4 probably playing into a wind. Avoid the trouble to have any chance of reaching the green in regulation.
Salishan 13th hole The 13th is a 415 yard par 4 dog leg left that often plays downwind. . If you go way right you will be in the 11th fairway (as I know) and may still have a shot. Avoid the left at all costs. Water comes into play down the left side as you approach the green. 
Salishan 14th hole The 14th hole is a shortish 480 yard par 5, but often plays into the wind. A ditch goes down the left side, and the hole doglegs around heavy growth on the right. Keep the ball in play and have a chance to go for the green in two. 
Salishan 15th hole The 15th is the shortest hole on the course at just 121 yards from the tips. It plays all uphill, but often downwind. Green can play fast if you are above the hole. I managed to hit my sand wedge to within 5 feet for my 2nd birdie on the back 9! 
Salishan 15th looking back This is looking back from the 15th green and I just had to include the shot. Off in the distance you can see the 14th green down below and of course the Pacific Ocean. This view reminded me of a Hawaii course. 
Salishan 16th hole Hole 16 at just 332 yards is not especially difficult if you avoid the houses on the right which can really come into play if you leak at all right. More room down the left, but some trees can come into play if you get too far left. 
Salishan 16th green looking back Another nice view back from the 16th green. If you avoid the trouble, you could be singing some birdie tunes. I had about 60 yards to the green on my approach and ended up 1 foot away for yet another birdie. 
Salishan 17th hole I believe 17 is the signature hole. Another hole best enjoyed from up top on the blue tees. Not long, at only 291 yards, but fairway bunkers down the left side, and jungle mess down the right. The elevated green is tricky if you miss. 
Salishan 17th green looking back Looking back from the 17th green. Just another pretty site. 
Salishan 18th hole Tell off from an extremely elevated tee on 18, a 370 yard par 4. If you can hit a high ball, you can really cut off some yardage going over the trees on the left. You'd be surprised how far left you can go if you are long enough. A road/OB waits on the right for the errant shot. 
Salishan 18th approach If you clip it over the trees, this is what you have left. Unfortunately the picture didn't come out so good. Whatever you do, avoid the bunkers on the approach. Grab a birdie, and go into the clubhouse on a positive note.

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